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If your looking at this page something is wrong with your water heater and your are wondering if it can be fixed. Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Below I will outline the different things that can go wrong with a water heater and what we can do to fix it.

#1 most common call I get is the pilot light went out and you can't relight it or you get it re lit and it will only run one burn cycle and then go out again.

This little device is called a thermal coupler and it's most likely the cause of your problem. The thermal coupler tip is in contact with the pilot light, the heat from the pilot light creates a small amount of voltage allowing the valves in the gas control valve to work allowing the main burner to kick off and heat water. Thermal couplers have what I call a mystery life span, 18 months to 15 years. There a few units out there that we don't work on so before you call me please have the name of the company that made the heater and the model and serial number off of the unit. $250 to $300 is the typical service fee to replace this part.

Be advised there are a few units that we do not work on and they are listed below.Typically we don't do service work on heaters that are over 10 years old. We will not work on any heater sold out of a box store which includes Lowes, Home Depot and Sears. AO Smith units and Bradford units after 2009 are also units we will not work on unless we installed the unit for you. 


#2 most common call I get. My water heater just doesn't make the same quantity or quality hot water like it used to. Or the water heater will go out every two to three days and the thermal coupler has already been replaced. The part in question is called the Gas Control Valve or thermostat. This device not only reads the current temperature of the water but it also regulates when the burner turns on and off and controls gas flow.Two things happen to this device that causes problems, first over a period of time small amounts of dust will get stuck on the moving parts inside of the unit and causing it to not function correctly. This is why it will work for a few days then not work. The second problem is mineral deposits will collect on the copper shaft that goes inside of the tank. If enough deposits collect on the shaft the unit will not be able to accurately read the temperature of the water causing the water to become hot and then cold or not hold temperature at all.If your water heater is over 10 years old and this part needs to be replaced I strongly recommend that you replace your water heater. Trying to find this part on units that are 10 years old or older can be very difficult and they can be very expensive. So why spend a bunch of money on a part for your water heater when it could start leaking tomorrow. Average cost to replace this part ranges from $400 to $700Also there are some makes and models out there that this issue is common and a real problem. On some makes and models the parts are very difficult to find and a replacement of the heater is advisable

gas control valve.jpg

#3 most common call. My water heater is leaking, can you come and fix it? Unless you see water on top of the heater and the leak is from a pipe or a connector you are most likely looking at a replacement situation. Call me or go to the Home page on this site for options and pricing. 

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